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YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN – “March for Our Iconic Pelicans”, 9am Saturday 27th April 2019

We hope you will come and March for the Pelicans.

No doubt you are aware of the concerns local residents are expressing about the loss of Bribie’s pelicans that for decades have roosted on the light poles along the Bribie Bridge.
The lights have been changed to more economic LEDs, but that meant a change in the design which has destroyed the pelicans’ roosting habitat.
The destruction of this long-standing and iconic “welcome” on the Bridge to Bribie Island is a loss not only to an essential part of Bribie’s character, but Bribie’s natural assets.  The pelicans are a protected species under the Moreton Bay Marine Park (designated in 1992); the UN Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species (signed by Australia in 1991); the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (signed by Queensland and Australia in 1993) and the Commonwealth Government’s EPBC Act (1999).
These commitments by our governments protect Bribie Island’s Fauna and Flora.  Resident and migratory species.
The pelicans do not breed locally, they migrate to inland lakes, Lake Eyre.
During the time the pelicans are resident on Bribie Island, the light poles on the Bribie Bridge have become an integral part of their roosting habitat and with the protections for the pelicans and their habitat that are in place, this habitat loss could have been avoided if due process in the decision making had been followed.  The roosting sites on the Bridge should be reinstated or alternative like-roosting sites provided.
There will be an item about the issue on the 6 o’clock Channel 7 News tonight.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning.
BIEPA Management Committee