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World Environment 2021 Day on Bribie

This booked-out event was hosted and supported by Healthy Land and Water, the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Barung Landcare and BIEPA, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

After “Welcome to Country”, participants from the Sunshine Coast and the local area visited the Woorim Foreshore Rehabilitation Project, enjoyed a chatty morning tea, then boarded the Ferryman for a memorable boat trip.

TraditionalOwners, an Archaeologist, a Fire Ecologist, a Botanist and Shorebird Experts spoke on Cultural Landscape Management, Midden Mapping, the Pumicestone Shellfish Habitat Restoration Project, our threatened migratory shorebirds, and more….

BIEPA thanks all the above entities–and theSpeakers, the Ferryman crew and the participants for making this such an interesting and enjoyable day.