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Wildlife Collisions

BIEPA received this video below from a horrified White Patch resident at 11:45pm Friday 30th April 2021.

As you can see, the driver of this trade truck left the road and deliberately drove the vehicle at the kangaroo that was peacefully grazing on the nature strip. 

Luckily the kangaroo escaped. 

Recently, there have been unprecedented incidents of vehicle/wildlife collisions on Bribie Island (especially wallabies and kangaroos) on White Patch Esplanade; Pacific Harbour; Sunderland Drive (Banksia Beach), Cotterill Ave and Goodwin Drive (Bongaree) and First Ave between Bongaree and Woorim.  All areas are adjacent to National Park, Conservation Areas and bushland.

This video confirms what many caring Bribie Island residents have been suspecting.  Too many of these collisions are NOT  accidental.
These wildlife collisions are also happening at night on Bribie’s Ocean Beach when the beach is un-patrolled, allowing 4×4 hoons uncontrolled access.
If you come across any of these unfortunate animals, please check if they are alive and, if a female, check for a joey in her pouch.  Do not attempt to remove the joey if attached to its mother’s teat. There is a protocol to follow so the joey remains attached.  

For trained wildlife carers, please contact Wildlife Rescue Queensland at 0478 901 801or BIEPA at 3410 0757. If the animal is dead, please contact MBRC (Council) at 3205 0555 to have it recorded and removed.