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Wilderness News Winter 2018

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This year, we’re focussing our collective energy into two clear directions: campaigns for climate action and campaigns for conservation.

You can read about our breakthrough in Queensland’s deforestation laws, our ongoing work in the Great Australian Bight, as well as updates on our work right across Australia.

We’ve also launched ‘Nature Laws That Work’—our ambitious new campaign to challenge the weak laws that’ve failed to protect our forests and wildlife, and replace them with stronger, more robust laws.

Australians love nature—it’s part of who we are. But our current system of laws and institutions simply cannot deal with the challenges we face. This means our own future is on the line too.

Our stunning wild places and laid-back climate make Australia a great place to live. It’s only with your generous support that we can work to keep it that way for generations to come.
I hope you enjoy reading about our work across Australia—none of which would’ve possible without the support of people like you!
Yours for nature,
Lyndon Schneiders
National Campaigns Director

Help us to protect Australia’s beautiful nature for generations to come.