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Shorebirds are starving… please give today!

Will our starving shorebirds survive?

Please give today! Before it’s too late!

Can you imagine walking 11,000 kilometres…

Without food?

How long do you think you would last?

Australia’s migratory shorebirds face this terrifying scenario.

If you’re a shorebird like the Great Knot, you fly an incredible 11,000 kilometres every year, from Siberia to Australia. During this migration, you lose up to 70% of your body weight.

So to survive, you MUST stop to eat along the way.

But what happens when your key feeding grounds are being destroyed?

When the 33 km-long seawall at Saemangeum in the Republic of Korea was constructed, destroying the mudflats that were rich in shellfish…

90,000 Great Knots starved – a quarter of their global population.

Today, other feeding habitat for shorebirds is under threat, both overseas and in Australia.

That’s why I urge you to DONATE NOW to save vital feeding habitat
for starving shorebirds like the Great Knot.

The population of this critically endangered species has already dropped by more than 83% over the last 25 years.

If we don’t act now, future generations will be unable to enjoy these remarkable birds and marvel at their incredible migratory journeys.

Your gift today will be used to help:

  • Fight against further reclamation of mudflats in the Republic of Korea – every piece of feeding habitat left is vital for hungry migrating shorebirds.
  • Restore and protect the most important wetlands for shorebirds in Australia – as identified in a new wetlands directory. This includes working with landowners and managers to improve shorebird habitat.
  • Fight against shorebird habitat loss due to inappropriate development – such as the $1.4 billion residential and marina proposal at Toondah Harbour, which will destroy important feeding habitat if it proceeds.
  • Build floating roosts to give threatened shorebirds a safe place to land where they can rest and forage for food nearby.

No one wants to see another 90,000 Great Knots starve to death.

Migratory shorebirds don’t have to die… if you and I act now!


Thank you for helping to save starving shorebirds.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Sullivan, CEO, BirdLife Australia

Image: Great Knots. Photo: Andrew Silcocks.

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