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Saving Swift Parrots with Margaret Atwood

Please consider giving now to support our critical re-vegetation projects and advocacy campaigns so that birds like the Swift Parrot will have habitat into the future. https://support.birdlife.org.au/donate In February 2020, BirdLife’s Woodland Birds team had the pleasure of spending some time searching for Swift Parrots with acclaimed author and long-time BirdLife supporter Margaret Atwood Margaret Atwood.

Like the rest of us, she is gravely worried about our already precarious Swift Parrots. Their population numbers have plummeted from over 8,000 breeding pairs to less than 1,000 pairs. Their biggest threat is deforestation. Yet industrial logging surges on — even after the devastating loss of habitat during the summer’s bushfires. Our forests are in dire need of a break. But incredibly, in New South Wales logging is happening in bushfire ravaged areas, and in Tasmania we could see previously protected forests opened up for logging if the state Parliament agrees.

This year is a very important one for Australian nature. For the first time in ten years, National Environment Laws are being reviewed —and BirdLife will be on the frontline, calling for urgent action. We’re giving threatened birds a voice, and we need you by our side. BirdLife Australia is dedicated to fighting for stronger nature laws, and with the review this year, our Campaigns team will be fighting harder than ever to make sure our most vulnerable birds are looked after. Will you help fund our campaigns work at this critical time? https://support.birdlife.org.au/donate

From; Birdlife, Australia