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Protecting our Shellfish from Over Harvesting

Good news from the State Govt Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

You will recall we had officers from this Department as Guest Speakers at our Daytime Meeting in 2018 held at the Bribie Seaside Museum.
They gave us an account of the long and difficult road it has been for them to meticulously and doggedly pursue this issue so that they could justify the changes in legislation necessary to protect these species from illegal over harvesting, that has put the health of the populations on the brink of collapse.
After a number of years of pursuing this issue, prosecuting those who abused the limits of what were allowable takes and the illegal trade, the Fisheries Dept has been able to get this legislation enacted.
BIEPA congratulates these wonderful officers.

The Queensland Government has introduced urgent management changes to protect gastropods and bivalve molluscs in Moreton Bay.

Fishing pressure directed at gastropods and bivalve molluscs in Moreton Bay has increased significantly in recent years resulting in concern about sustainability of key species (mud ark, mud whelks and cockles).

Public consultation on urgent management changes was undertaken in late 2018 given the vulnerability of key species to over-harvesting and limited compliance with current possession limits.

Changes have recently been made to the Fisheries Regulation 2008 to protect these species in Moreton Bay. The following new rules are now in place:

  • the take of gastropods and bivalve mollusc, excluding pipis, is prohibited in Moreton Bay;
  • shell collecting (i.e. empty shells, no live organisms) is still permitted.

If you require more information contact the Department’s Call Centre on 13 25 23 or visit fisheries.qld.gov.au.

Fisheries Managers

Management and Reform | Fisheries Queensland

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Level 5, Mineral House, 41 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Attached is a copy of the letter to recreational stakeholder groups and a flyer outlining the new management changes…

Management changes Moreton Bay molluscs – letter to stakeholders

Moreton Bay mollusc closure flyer