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Bribie Island is not only a sanctuary for protected flora and fauna but a sanctuary for its residents.
And BIEPA members work to protect that “sanctuary” status.


We welcome new members. Join us to participate in activities and help us protect the beautiful
Bribie Island environment.


As a not-for-profit organisation we welcome donations or legacies however large or small.
We have much work to do!


Recent and upcoming environment-related events. Check this page to keep up with what is cominng up and how past events have gone.


Monthly General Meetings Jan-Nov, on the 4th Monday at 7pm in the ANZAC Room, Bribie Island RSL, 99 Toorbul Street, Bongaree.


For over 40 years BIEPA has been Caring for our special habitat and its residents.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association, please see details in the BIEPA Constitution.

Bribie Island’s natural environment is what attracts most people to live and visit the Island. Bribie Island offers a lifestyle that is out of the ordinary. It is not the ugly concrete jungle that has blighted the Gold Coast. However, development and urbanisation continue to be a real threat to the lifestyle people chose when they moved to Bribie Island and the Sunshine Coast.

The constant pressure developers exert on politicians to allow unsustainable land clearing and urbanisation between Noosa and Coolangatta raises the concern that our once beautiful natural assets and the environment will be turned into a contiguous Noosa-gatta.

Environmental groups have taken up the challenge to ensure the future integrity of the remaining 11 km of what was once 30 km of the Inter-Urban Break between the northern urban edge of Moreton Bay and the southern urban edge of the Sunshine Coast.

If you have concerns that Bribie Island’s natural environs are under threat then you may wish to join and work with BIEPA.

As a BIEPA member, you will be afforded the opportunity to be kept informed of developments foreseen for Bribie and surrounds. For example: Infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential proposals that may have impacts on the environment and residents’ lifestyle – either positive or negative.

Bribie Island is a sand island within Moreton Bay Marine Park with a honeycomb on freshwater aquifers on which fragile and unique flora and fauna depend.  Much of the Island is National Park. Its wetlands, migratory birds, turtles and other species are covered by International and National instruments.

On the Pacific Ocean side, Bribie has 30 kilometres of expansive vegetated sand dunes, that are habitat for birds, wildlife and nesting turtles.

On the Pumicestone Passage side, Bribie has some sandy beaches and long stretches of mangroves that are fish nurseries.

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Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association Inc

BIEPA is an active group of people, from many different trades and professions and of various political persuasions, who have at least one thing in common – they care for the environment of Bribie Island and the surrounding area.

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