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MARCH 2017 Guest Speaker

March Meeting

Guest Speaker: Linda Cross, Queensland Wader Study Group, Birds Queensland.

We all know there are many different bird species on Bribie Island (thanks to BIEPA’s publications, Bribie Birds” and the “Annotated Checklist”)

  • Have you ever wondered just how many bird species have been identified to date?
  • Have you ever wondered where are the best places to sight the different species?
  • And, have you ever wondered why there are so many species? What is so special about Bribie Island?
  • And, have you wondered who counts them all and maintains the tally?

Well, wonder no more. Linda Cross is going to join us to answer all our questions. Linda will show us some of the species that have been seen on Bribie – both common and uncommon. She will attempt to answer all your questions. Linda will share with us the techniques that Birds Queensland uses to document its bird counts.

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