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Koala habitat destroyed in Redlands after 100-year-old gumtrees bulldozed

An activist said the legislation is failing to protect koalas in their natural habitat.
(Photo Supplied, Chris Walker)

This story is heartbreaking, especially as we know we are facing an extinction crisis worldwide that definitely devolves down to the well-known crisis South East Queensland’s koalas are facing.
BIEPA recommends that Government decision-makers need to become more proactive in firstly acknowledging our koala crisis and secondly buying and protecting these vulnerable (sometimes isolated) and diminishing known koala habitat areas. 

These purchases should be made regardless of the cost. The economic cost of the extinction of koalas, to SEQ would far exceed this investment.

BIEPA is confident there is overwhelming public support for this  kind of 
investment of taxpayer funds. 

Here is the link to the ABC News story, by Stephanie Zillman. Posted 29 Jan 2021

In case the link gets archived, here is part of the story…

A lone koala sat high in a gumtree in the bayside suburb of Ormiston, east of Brisbane on Wednesday, as the trees around it were bulldozed to the ground.

Redlands Councillor Wendy Boglary said she spent the last 12 years trying to protect the small koala colony that used a tract of undeveloped land as a key feeding ground and breeding site.

“Today is pretty devastating,” Ms Boglary said, as she watched 100-year-old gum trees being fed through a woodchipper.

The land on Cowley Street at Ormiston is privately owned, made up of 26 sets of 500 square metre lots, which were subdivided and zoned as residential in 1886.

Despite the longevity of the zoning, the land sat virtually untouched until now.

Key points:

  • The land at Ormiston is privately owned and is too small for habitat protections to apply
  • Redlands Council had previously opted not to purchase the land when it had been for sale
  • A council spokesperson told the ABC it had no legal ability to stop the development project

Land in red with koala habitat at Cowley Street at Ormiston. (Google Earth)

Ormiston Koalas