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Koala Conservation

Communication and invitation from the QLD Department of Environment and Science.

The link to the DES website (at the end of this message) provides further information on the program and the opportunity to register.

“In 2018, the Department of Environment and Science hosted the inaugural KoalaCollab event. Industry professionals, researchers, and community groups gathered to share their knowledge, research outcomes, and to collaborate on the threats facing wild koala populations.
The South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy 2020–2025 aims to safeguard the future of the species and reverse the decline of koala populations across SEQ by identifying actions which can stabilise koala populations in the region.

The six key actions include:
* habitat protection
* habitat restoration
* threat management
* improved mapping, monitoring, research and reporting
* community engagement
* partnership and strategic co-ordination.

KoalaCollab Conference Series 2021 will focus on the action area of Community Engagement. Successful koala conservation relies on a collaborative approach across all sectors, and communities have a critical role to play in protecting local koalas.

A coordinated and collaborative approach to habitat protection, restoration and threat mitigation is imperative to achieving the targets and halting the decline in koala populations within the life of the Strategy, and growing koala populations in the long-term.”

KoalaCollab Conference Series | Environment | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland (des.qld.gov.au)