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JUNE 2016 Meeting

June Meeting

Panel Presentation: “Laudato Si”

To mark the first anniversary of the release of Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment, BIEPA’s June meeJng will be highlighted by a panel presentation and discussion on that Encyclical.
This is the first Encyclical that a Pope has ever released on the environment and it reflects Pope Francis’ concern for Planet Earth. The concerns it raises are shared by people around the world including BIEPA members.
This discussion will be led by a most disJnguished environmental advocate – Sr Mary Tinney of Earthlink. Mary will outline the contents of the Encyclical, its reflections about the environment that mankind has created, the challenges that the Encyclical extends to all, and its connections with other initiatives such as the Paris Climate Change Accord.
What does this mean for Bribie? What can we do?

June Poster