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Increased use of fertilisers, etc. with increased development on Bribie hazardous to the health of our waterways

Important information received from Dr Ben Diggles – Restore Pumicestone Passage.org. 

“Please find attached a news item on the algal blooms that have become evident in the lower Pumicestone Passage and on Bribie Island beaches (including Woorim) over the past couple of days.  Some background on the usual causes of these blooms is provided to dispel myths that these phenomena are “natural” events and not caused by human influence.  The attached also includes a potential solution (constructed wetlands to filter and alleviate stormwater impacts)”.
Another solution, of course, is to cease using products on our gardens, etc. that will eventually contaminate and affect the health of our waterways.
from your BIEPA Management Committee
This photo was taken on Woorim Beach 6:30 am 01/11/19
Woorim-Beach-AlgaeAlgal Bloom on Woorim Beach
Download the Report…Bellara trichodesmium