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My name’s Kai.


When I learned that koalas were starving to death after bushfires had burned through two thirds of Kangaroo Island, I didn’t have a choice but to try to help.


I’m an arborist by trade and I have koala handling experience, so I decided to drive from my home in Sydney to Adelaide before catching the ferry to Kangaroo Island. This turned into spending seven weeks on the island, trying to rescue as many burnt and injured koalas as I could. It was the most harrowing and traumatic work I’ve ever done. But also the most important.


The horrific things I saw and experienced will stay etched my mind and in my heart forever.
Having just returned from witnessing the absolute devastation of our wildlife, doing everything I could to help it, I cannot believe what I read today. 
The fossil fuel lobby is pressuring the government to relax our environmental laws, pushing for a free-pass to fast-track their climate-wrecking projects. And Environment Minister Sussan Ley seems poised to let it happen. [1]

After the devastating bushfire season we’ve had – this is the worst thing we could possibly do for our threatened species and their habitats. And they’re doing it under the cover COVID-19 when they think we’re not paying attention.

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I helped to rescue over a hundred koalas this summer. Some didn’t pull through, others are still recovering, and many have been released back into the wild – but I remember them all. You don’t forget animals like koalas, and I felt privileged to have the opportunity to assist such unique creatures when they needed so much help.


This is why I can’t begin to fathom how we could put them in further danger, with policies that would allow deforestation and the destruction of critical koala habitat.
With fossil fuel companies moving in to take advantage of COVID-19, we need to come together to demand better. To demand a new generation of environmental laws that genuinely put the environment first – not the coal lobby and their profits.


Thank you for your help. Together we will fight for our wildlife and keep them safe for generations to come.


For the koalas, and all of us.