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Cleanup Australia Day 2020

BIEPA again participated in Clean-Up Australia Day and, as last year, our site was White Patch.
Some 16 volunteers went to work along the foreshore and the adjacent streets.  It was pleasing to see that there was considerably less rubbish than last year, in particular a sharp reduction in the number of bottles and cans, undoubtedly as a result of the Container Recycling Scheme.

A stranded Juvenile Green turtle was released by a Bribie Turtle Carer, after being found by BIEPA Clean Up Australia Day volunteers (Ali and Ron) entangled in fishing line that was snagged to a branch in the mangroves along the White Patch foreshore. The young turtle was attached to the branch, exhausted and stranded in the mud on the low tide. If BIEPA’s  Clean Up Australia Day volunteers and our Turtle Carer had not been collecting rubbish along the White Patch foreshore,  this young Green may not have been rescued.  See the happy ending on the video below.  

BIEPA asks that recreational fishers learn how to unsnag their lines without losing the hook and, if necessary, dispose of their waste fishing line and tackle responsibly.  Please do NOT leave it floating in our waterways.


See the happy ending on this video.

Thank you to Ali King for sharing her video of this rescue with BIEPA