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BREAKING: We are on Adani’s secret hit list – help us fight back.

Environment Defenders QLD
Adani has a secret hit list, and we are on it.

The ABC has just released an explosive new report detailing Adani’s well-funded, co-ordinated legal strategy to intimidate and silence its critics.

The strategy, executed last year, saw Adani hire a legal firm to send threatening letters to community groups and others it perceived as a danger to its Carmichael Mine.

EDO Qld can reveal it received one such letter last year, containing baseless accusations clearly designed to intimidate us and stop us legally representing the community.

As committed community lawyers, we refuse to be bullied by big corporations like Adani and their expensive lawyers. In response, we’ve set up a fighting fund to ensure we are well-resourced for the battle ahead.

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EDO Qld is under attack, simply for doing our job standing up for the community against Adani’s megamine. 

For years we have been at the forefront of the legal fight against the Carmichael mine, from representing community groups in court in legitimate, carefully considered cases, to providing valuable legal advice to people concerned about the mine and its impacts.

Everyone has a right to engage in the democratic process, and community groups should be able to speak out against the Carmichael mine without being threatened by Adani and its lawyers.

We will not back down in our support of the community – no matter how many baseless legal accusations Adani sends our way.

But we don’t have the financial resources of big mining companies, which is why we need your help.

Adani’s legal war on community groups shows it will use every tool at its disposal to attack its critics, and is willing to spend serious money in an attempt to silence them.

We need to make sure we have the financial firepower to fight back against these threats, and keep the legal pressure on Adani to comply with Queensland and Federal law.

That’s why we’ve set up a fighting fund – to ensure our community legal centre is fully-resourced and able to hold Adani to account.

Read more on the explosive report

Adani’s attacks on us prove we’re doing something right, and hitting them where it hurts.  

That’s why we can’t take a backwards step. 

Every cent of money in this fighting fund will go towards our work ensuring Adani is complying with Queensland law, and that its Carmichael mine is placed under proper scrutiny.

Thanks – any contribution, big or small, will assist in our fight for justice.

Jo-Anne Bragg

CEO and Solicitor, EDO Qld