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Are You Ready to Reduce Your Use?



 Did you know that tomorrow Woolies supermarkets will no longer be giving out single-use plastic bags at their checkouts nationwide? 

This is great news and will help stop billions of plastic bags every year from being used for just a few minutes and then thrown away. 

Convenience doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and while they’re handy, these bags are one of the greatest threats to ocean wildlife. Over time they break up into smaller and smaller pieces – ending up in our oceans and our marine wildlife. 

Coles will be following suit and ban their bags on 1 July. 

This is the perfect chance for us all to do a plastic audit and see where we can take steps to reduce our plastic use. 

Many types of plastic we use daily can be easily swapped out with eco-friendly options, pretty much straight away. 

Here are some simple swaps to get you started: 


What can you swap out today? 

Thank you,
Dermot O’Gorman
CEO, WWF-Australia