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4WD problems on the beach

Bribie Island has an increasing number of 4WDs on the beach.  We also have one of the world’s last remaining Loggerhead turtle breeding grounds.

Only one will survive.

Which would we rather have?

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Reliable data from the Qld Dept of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing show that on some days, more than 700 4WD vehicles drive on the ocean beach on Bribie Island.  Evidence given by some of these drivers who have been doing this responsibly for many years suggests that a growing number are hooning, causing major environmental damage to this pristine environment.  This is not acceptable under any standards and a government that fails to act to stop this destruction is both culpable and irresponsible.[/column][column col=”1/2″]


This idyllic scene is being irrevocably eradicated by the growing number of 4WD vehicles on the beach. Between October and March every year, Bribie Islanders witness the birth and migration to the sea of thousands of baby loggerhead turtles.  Only a few survive the migration (due to natural events) but NONE will survive the 4WD carnage.[/column]




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